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Digital Health Insurance Shopping

Wellthie is an enterprise software company that enables carriers to drive growth in the small business segment by offering a branded retail insurance shopping experience. The platform is designed to provide quick and easy quotes for small businesses with the support of licensed brokers or internal sales agents.

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Increase Membership

Generate new revenue by providing a digital shopping experience for small business owners who are traditionally underserved by the broker community.

Optimize Salesflow

Wellthie’s best-in-class sales optimization tools provide internal agents and preferred brokers the ability to set appointments with new clients, view preferences and budget requirements to quickly service prospects and increase productivity with workflow automation.

Gain Market Insights

Get powerful data analytics with actionable insights to better understand sales performance, lead demographics, and consumer behavior. Wellthie helps your organization explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily among your internal stakeholders.

Why Wellthie?

Boost Market Competitiveness

Stay ahead of the competition with a digital health insurance shopping experience for small businesses.

Capture New Demographics

Offer the digitally-native business owner who expects immediacy a holistic and simple platform to drive sales.

Cross Sell Your Products

Add products like dental and vision lines to your existing small business medical offering to increase average revenue per customer.

Don’t Let Leads Slip Away

Immediately assign accounts created to a broker/sales rep. Capture contact email, phone number, and marketing campaign sources.

Offer Flexible Communication

Omni-channel communication options including Live Chat, Call Scheduling, and Email functionality to provide flexibility.

Get Up And Running

White-labeled deployment available without the lag time and cost of an internal build - Implement within 60 days!

What People Are Saying About Us

Offering Beam's SmartPremium plans through Wellthie's world-class technology was a natural fit.
Alex Frommeyer headshot Alex Frommeyer Beam Dental / Co-founder and CEO
Wellthie helps busy producers maximize their efficiency during open enrollment and we're excited to have IHC ancillary products as part of its national platform.
Dave Keller headshot Dave Keller IHC Specialty Benefits / Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
With Wellthie it's easier than ever for brokers to introduce employers to the Alliance Value Plan, an ideal way for small groups to add high-value benefits for a low per employee per month cost.
Todd Hyatt headshot Todd Hyatt Alliance Direct Benefits / General Counsel, Business Development
Wellthie's simple and seamless platforms ensure that our members and potential members find the right plans quickly and easily. Our partnership is a key factor in our growing success in the Individual and Family market as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement.
Jay Sheehy headshot Jay Sheehy EmblemHealth / SVP